Change Your Mindset!

People👥 with a GROWTH📈 MINDSET are sensitive to positive and negative information. However, they view such info as a learning curve and then strategise on how constructive action🎬 can be taken. Mindset Change has enabled people👥 to pursue their goals🥍🥅 more effectively and in the end their dreams🌜🌒 were realised.

How Can You Change From A Fixed Mindset To A Growth📈 Mindset?

How you interpret setbacks, criticism and challenges is entirely your choice. You can interpret them in a Growth 📈Mindset by viewing them as signs🚦 that shows you 👧🏼the need to re-strategise, by stretching yourself or expand on your👧🏽 abilities.

Your Fixed ✅Mindset tells you there’s no need trying, you can’t make it or do not associate with a certain race, yet you know deep down that your financial💰💵💶💰 breakthrough could come to you through such association beyond your wildest imagination.
At this junction, it will suffice to say 🗣do yourself a favour to start taking risks in the company of others.

You need to talk back to your Fixed✅ Mindset with a Growth📈 Mindset that if ℹ don’t, ℹ will definitely fail and there’s no dignity in failure.

Growth 📈Mindset will tell you if you👧🏼 don’t take responsibility you can’t fix things, so strive to listen and learn, no matter how painful the learning process might appear to be.

Growth 📈Mindset: Playing Basketball 🏀⛹wasn’t easy for Michael Jordon, neither was the Scientific discovery on how to invent Light 💡Bulb easy for Thomas Edison. They both had a passion and put in tons of efforts. Not until you learn to practice how to take action🎬 on your Growth 📈Mindset, you will keep embarking on a wild-goose chase.

Thank You.🦃h

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