Does Choosing The Right Path Impact Everything We Do In Our Business?

You will discover the right System that will rapidly grow your Network Marketing Business when you click on the link attached with this blog post. Now, this might sound generic, but please bear with me, as this is important. Allow me to explain… If every single month you are seeking new strategies to implement into your business, and you’re teaching them to your team, what’s going to happen?

Think about it…  


If you’re creating NEW training every 30 days (and maybe even contradicting what you’ve taught previously) then all you’re doing is confusing your team, and it becomes extremely difficult to create a system around what you’re doing. So if you’re serious about creating a six- or seven-figure business, you need to choose a path.

Now, what does that mean?   


You must choose specifically what you’re going to be doing, and what you’re going to be asking your team to do. Now, you may already be plugging into a system provided by your upline. And if that’s a successful system, keep doing that by all means, we’re not trying to recreate the wheel. But if you’re finding yourself in a situation where you don’t have much support or training you can plug into, but you’re starting to create a significant team, then it is time to choose a path.

You have to make a choice. 

You need to choose a path because if you don’t understand what you stand for, and what you’re going to be teaching, then you’re not going to point a very straight line and your team is going to be confused, and with confusion comes a lack of action.

Confusion = Lack of action in choosing the right path.  

That’s one of the main challenges we see happening in teams that come to us to help them build a duplication system. People are not actually taking the actions they know they need to take. This is the most scalable decision that you can ever make in your network marketing business. If you’re wondering why you’re always coming to a plateau and you’ve not reached a result you know you deserve in your business, one of the primary reasons may be that you haven’t chosen a path. You will face challenges.


Be warned! 


You will face challenges, as there will be people who don’t like your choices, and people who wouldn’t follow your directions. There’re all sorts of challenges when you choose a path. But not choosing it at all creates lots of confusion, so you must choose a path. And once you have chosen a path, you need to define the steps ahead of you. This is a natural progression, isn’t it? This is all about defining specifically how you’re going to be doing your business, and how you’re going to ask your team to duplicate after you.









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  1. So insightful, thank you! We see this time and time again… leaders just sending out more training and it seems confusing and doesn’t really help. We need less confusion and more concentrated effort.

    • My pleasure David. Wow! I really appreciate your amazing and explanatory comment and the time you put in to review this very blog post. I would like to cease this opportunity to say, Kudos to you for the great job you’re doing in our team.:)

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