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It’s been an amazing journey since I joined Wealthy Affiliate, in April 26th 2018. In fact, I have never encountered elsewhere the huge opportunity and training WA has made available since I commenced online marketing & advertising in the year, 2015. Fascinating! It’s an understatement. I never knew that I could be guided to build a business website or more. The choice of a niche was farfetched. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need in one spot, for a consistent and affordable monthly cost.

About choosing a niche, at the moment I’m still contemplating whether I should change my niche I have already chosen to a more catchy one. But on the other hand, Kyle (Wealthy Affiliate co-founder) did warn that choosing a niche should have something to do with your line of interest etc. I really look forward to completing my new website, to get comments rolling in, start monetizing WA and my other businesses via my website and on social media platforms.

Give A Helping Hand

It’s really interesting having to make comment on fellow affiliates Money Goals Posts and to respond to questions within WA community. It enables me to understand that making money for oneself is greatly beneficial but the ability to support & motivate others to enable them realise their financial dreams does pay. The reason being, the world can only be a better place and less complicated if we learn to support each other the best way we can, no matter the individual’s race, gender, background, religion etc. I’m really gaining more knowledge as I move forward on a daily basis unlike when I first started.

Kudos To Wealthy Affiliate Training Material In Place.

I was a bit confused about the possibility of being able to comprehend the sophisticated training videos and all the instructions to follow and implement what has been learned. WA is indeed a massive opportunity to learn, apply what has been learned and be of support to those who desperately need help and motivation. Furthermore, the most vital reason I derive great pleasure in recommending Wealthy Affiliate to prospects or new affiliate marketers is simply because, WA literally provides everything that’s needed to succeed in the online business world. You don’t need to buy a domain name or pay for hosting in different places. Hosting, domain name, step-by-step systematic training instructions as indicated above on how to use the tools in place for the smooth running of the business in WA have been provided. Unlike most of the affiliate programmes I’ve either come across or have been involved in online

WA Support & Availability

WA has an outstanding community, a group of people with diverse characteristics who are linked by social ties, share common perspectives and engage in joint action. The community’s supportive availability is unimaginable and inexplicable. So, if you don’t understand what to do, all you need do is ask. You could even choose to go into a live chat, send a private message and you could get responses in no time to your questions. On a more serious note, I haven’t seen any community such as that of Wealthy Affiliate before. Trust me, I love the daily atmospheric positive feedback in WA’s platform. I seriously look forward to the completion of my training, the sky can’t even be my limit. As I will be ready to take my WA business & the rest of my businesses to a whole new level and wealth maximisation cannot be overemphasised.

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