About Me



Hi, Sarah-Louise, here! (Aka-Maximise Wealth) I would like to appreciate you for visiting my business website. The vision for my online based company was born early 2015 when I pondered over how best I could make life more financially rewarding for myself and others who are also willing to make themselves more useful in life and be supportive in the society rather than be a liability. Although I had to start afresh this year, 2021 from the main business model I initially got engrossed in due to circumstances beyond my control.

In the light of some of the following questions by Tom Ziglar, “Are you achieving everything that you want to be? Do you have that feeling, that knowing deep inside, that you were created for a purpose bigger than yourself? The questions above have become motivating factors that keeps enabling me to be of great support to my prospects, teammates etc bearing in mind that business efficiency is crucial to business success, and since I’m a founder who can demonstrate consistency and speed in things like planning, time management and decision making from day one.

I intend to keep my expectation high in order to maximise wealth & help purpose driven folks to achieve their financial dreams. So, to achieve success & to enjoy the price of success I have chosen to make hay whilst the sun shines. In order to maximise wealth, I became a Crypto Currency Enthusiast. I sometimes trade in the Forex Market.

In order to earn consistent cashflow, I created my maximise wealth personal business platform. I also joined the Top Earners Market & NC Investments Business. These are financial investment platforms that enables investors and participants to win big within the largest financial institutions in the world in terms of Crypto Currency, Forex Market, the Stock Market, Housing and Property Lending. As I’m aware that it pays to store at least about the sum of $700 in digital currency portfolio. I’m investing into Crypto currency, Forex Market, the Stock Market, Housing & Property Lending, because I know that I will enjoy massive income, commissions etc.

I’m aware that it is highly profitable to put my investments in safe portfolios, indeed it’s profitable to take chances. If you wait for the perfect weather, you will never plant your seeds. I’m hopeful enough to know that I will be successful if I keep taking leaps of faith to make the right moves in life.

In addition, I promote Super Life (STC30) Miracle Organic Health Product & Norland’s Products. As they stand for quality nutrition, products and uncompromising commitment to producing the safest, purest, and what we believe to be the most effective nutritional and valuable products available. In fact, our manufacturing standards exceed those of some of the strictest regulatory agencies in the world.

When you are awake to legit business opportunities, the ability to earn or have continuous cashflow in this day & age cannot be overemphasised.

Thank you.