Wealthy Affiliate aims to provide everything an aspiring affiliate marketer needs in one place. The platform’s core value is its training programme that teaches you to create a profitable affiliate website from the scratch, even as a complete beginner.


There’s no ceiling to how much commission you can earn as a Wealthy Affiliate member. You can earn as much
for referring paid subscribers. It means if you refer 10 people and they upgrade to any of the premium membership
position, you get 50% (or 25% as a starter member) of their membership fees.


The Wealthy Affiliate programme pays its qualified members on a monthly basis via PayPal. There are thousands
of premium members of Wealthy Affiliate that are earning a substantial amount of money every month. You can
earn commissions through promoting products and Wealthy Affiliate memberships.


Wealthy Affiliate has three memberships levels the first of which is free. You can upgrade to Premium for $19 within the first month then subsequently, you will start to pay $49 per month or $495 per year. Premium Plus is $49 in the first month then, $99 per month or $995 per year. Join Wealthy Affiliate and everything you need to succeed is included. Dr John C Maxwell emphasises that if you’re unwilling to invest in yourself, you will never be successful in your endeavours. He also highlights that the only guarantee that tomorrow will be better is that you’re growing today.


So far so good, Wealthy Affiliate {WA} is one of the best platforms that enables you to learn how to write great blog posts. It resonates with affiliate marketers as it enables content creation to flow smoothly. In WA, you will be taught how to understand and pick your niche, master the act of content creation, get rankings and Traffic. Learn Search
Engine Optimisation {SEO} secrets that even experts aren’t fully aware of, this is going to be the first focus as the source of “traffic” to your business.


Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms to learn how to write blog posts. Members are also taught how to make Money whilst they learn. They’re taught how to earn revenue through the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate right from the early stages. WA teaches members the highest converting strategies. And this is just scratching the surface of what is to come. In case you’re unaware, you are capable of any level of success you are willing to work for. Tasks for the Lessons which will enable members to understand the Potential of Online Businesses are fully in place. No experience required, no prior knowledge is needed to get started & start earning.


Kyle Loudoun. Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that Carson Lim and him created over 18 years ago and that has turned into a true lifelong passion project. Their company focuses on members and how to best help
people build thriving businesses within the online world. To do this, they combine technology, education, and
community to offer members the most forward-thinking platform to build an online business within. If any member
ever feels stuck along the way, they could simply scroll down to the comments area of any of the training resources
and ask any question of concern.


Members usually get help, they can earn revenue whilst they’re still learning. WA combines technology, education,
and help is readily made available within WA community. WA has one of the most forward-thinking platforms
which enhances the building of an online business. WA helps to harness members full potential within WA. The
following are some of the tasks for the trainings: Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate’s. Understanding the Goals and
Roadmap of your Successful affiliate business. Mastering the art of content creation. Get rankings and Traffic,
Learn SEO secrets that even experts aren’t fully aware of. Within members Affiliate Hub they are taught to build
out their businesses and follow through the training in a sequential manner.


Wealthy Affiliate (WA) provides a hosting experience you can feel safe running your businesses on. WA takes care of the technology so you can focus on your business. So, grow your business with WA. Whether you are just getting started within the online space or looking to grow several different businesses to a whole new level. WA hosting platform called, “SiteRubix” will remain robust and powerful every step of the way, to give you the ultimate service experience. Did you know people are running million-dollar businesses on WA platforms.!? Website rankings can be impacted by slow hosting. Site speed is one of the focal points with WA SiteRubix Hosting platform. WA provides a free SSL Certificate on all paid members websites. 


Research has it documented that there are 5.35 billions of people on earth now use the internet. And there are over
500 millions of products and services that you can promote as an affiliate marketer online. This includes both low
and high tickets products and services. Remember, as you’re learning, you can also start to earn. Unlike when
you’re studying for a 4 years full time University degree programme, that you must graduate first and then do some
voluntary work in your field before you can get a paid employment. The majority of the work has been done ✅ for
you by WA. All you need do is to learn & apply what you’re being taught or what you’ve learned over time. WA
has tools to speed up the process of content creation


So, You will be taught how to create content. In case you’re not pleased with your initial niche, you can change it for a more preferred one. All niches appears to be profitable within the online world. Although you can change your niche if you like. You have access to WA founders and the active community. So you can get help, you wouldn’t be stuck.

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  1. Hey, Sarah-Louise
    Thank you for this guide on earning money online with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

    I can see that this platform is a legit and trustworthy platform to start affiliate marketing.

    I like the idea of earning while learning, and it seems with the tools and education provided that can be done because I can apply what I learned with the tools already provided.

    Now I am wondering if as a beginner I can have you as a business coach to grow my business.
    I want to get started.
    Thanks again and looking for your feedback.

    1. Oh hi Sebastian.
      I really appreciate your thought provoking response, thank you so very much indeed.
      In fact, one of the reasons I felt the need to rejoin WA is that as a member an individual can earn whilst one is still learning.
      In response to your question, the answer is yes. I owe it as a duty as an upline to ensure my downlines/business partners are on the right path to enable them make progress in their businesses.
      I hope I have answered your question satisfactorily. Cheers 🥂🤓👍🏽

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