Sometimes in business looses are inevitable, a lot of risks could be involved in order to acquire enormous success in life. If you throw in the towel due to setback in your business, it shows that you have accepted giving up as an option. No wonder Robert Harold Schuller, an American motivational speaker and author, reveals that tough times never last, but tough people do.


Are you aware that each human being has been allocated the exact same number of hours and minutes every day just like you? This applies to the rich and the poor. No matter how much time you’ve wasted in the past, endeavour to make good use of your life now since you’re still alive and kicking. No matter what, do not allow inferiority complex to hold you back from ever realising your financial dreams, so keep striving until you realise your goal.


Experience teaches that learning curve enables people to grow on beautiful memories to reflect on, or a motivating factor to act upon. If you must avoid past mistakes which has led to your financial setback, then allow your experiences to be your best teacher. In other words, a person is expected to learn from his/her past mistakes and never to dwell on past successes either. If you dwell on your past achievement it will deter you from having major financial breakthroughs.


At this juncture, the right drive to acquire what you’re most passionate about in life cannot be overemphasised, if you’re intrinsically motivated to achieve dreams far bigger than yourself. If that’s the case, don’t let the sky be your limit. Strive harder so you can fly on Eagles wings. On a more serious note, if you most make outstanding results and timely progress; you should be the teachable type. I mean, be ready to learn and ask questions when you need to.


Furthermore, carry out a research if it is necessary, read motivational and inspirational business books, connect with the people in the same business niche with you, read helpful blog posts, podcasts, audio messages, video messages relating to your business or your dream business. Get yourself a mentor or coach if the need arises. Never base your focus on what went wrong, instead, concentrate on what could go right in the next step you’re about to take.


Learn from your past mistakes as indicated above and ensure to set realistic and achievable goals for your future targets. Avoid unfriendly friends/business partners who are bent on negatively influencing you to make financial looses instead of making profits in business.  A true friend/ business partners are the ones who stick with you through thick and thin to ensure you’re making progress.


Most importantly, always remember that you are the sole architect of your own fortune. Therefore, avoid being redundant and reluctant in ensuring you make profits in your business. You may sometimes find yourself in situations far beyond your control, but determination and resilience could bring about your financial breakthrough.


If your current job or business is making you miserable, find a new one before it’s too late. Your decisions and your own actions determine what your life would turn out to be. You shouldn’t blame other people for your financial looses or mistakes. In order to avoid regrets now and in the future, you have to make hay whilst the Sun shines to realise your financial dreams.

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  1. This blog was so informative! I really need to work towards being passionate about my progress and take charge of my business.

  2. Thanks for sharing a great article here. I found it not only very interesting and informative but also very refreshing too. I find that many posts like these you already know a lot of the facts presented but yet its still beneficial to be reminded of them to keep yourself focused and keep the spirits up.

    1. Hi Kwidzin,

      I truly appreciate your detailed feedback. Thanks for the compliment, encouraging and inspiring words.

      Cheers. 🥂😎👊

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