‘Escape the rat race’ is an idiomatic expression phrase that means ‘leave a job or way of life in which people compete endlessly and aggressively with each other to be successful in life. Research has actually shown that the phrase has gained the meaning of ‘competitive struggle’. Generally speaking, if one is trapped in a lifestyle in which an individual works excessively to earn a living, then such a person is said to be caught up in a meaningless rat race.  In a laboratory scientists control rats in mazes. So, individuals who are entangled in a rat race are being controlled by outside forces, i.e. the pressures of contemporary business and society. Therefore, the theme of this blog post of mine implies that many people view work as an interminable purposeless race: a cyclical commute between home and work, which can be viewed as a rat running in circles or in a hamster’s wheel.

What Is The Rat Race?

The rat race is actually a phrase that describes the futile pursuit of humans engagement in order to get ahead financially.  Some people understand the rat race to mean working 60 to 70 hours per week to enable them afford going for vacation perhaps for two weeks during the year.  Then for others, the rat race could mean spending their lives working in a company for a job they hate.  In fact, those in the rat race often feel exhausted. They always feel unfulfilled and stretched beyond measure. They hardly have adequate time to spend their lives how and with whom they choose to. And it’s a huge concern to them because they can never save enough money to feel comfortable as they’re living the rat race.

How To Get Out Of The Rat Race

Firstly, you must have a goal, and also write it down. If you truly want to escape the rat race, you need to know why. You need to be able to state your reason(s) clearly so that in case things get tough, your motivation will keep you going. You need to write down your value-based goals. By doing so, it will clarify your vision for your life and cement your goals on paper. When your goals are documented you can post them somewhere in your home, so that it can serve as a constant reminder of what you’re working toward and why.  Some people like to post their goals near their bathroom mirror since that’s the first place they go to get ready for the day. They also post their goals in their offices so they can see them when they’re working.

Track Your Spending

Secondly, it will do you real good if you can track your spending for several reasons. For example, tracking your spending helps you to know exactly what your monthly expenses are and how much income you’ll need to generate so you can escape the rat race. People who are desperately looking forward to escaping the rat race typically need to think of ways to generate “passive” income. Passive income means that you don’t have to constantly trade your time for money. If you can figure out a plan to generate enough passive income to fund your monthly expenses, you’re well on your way to getting out of the rat race.

 Cut Your Expenses

Thirdly, tracking your spending can also provide clarity on ways to cut back your expenses. Sometimes, all you have to do is think more creatively. For instance, find frugal ways to save money such as automating your savings etc. You can find ways to reduce expenses and save money even if you’re on a tight budget. Cutting your expenses is one of the best ways to get out of the rat race faster.

Increase Your Income

Fourthly, create multiple sources of income. Increasing your income mustn’t be glamorous, but it can be life-changing.  Starting a small business – is an excellent way to increase your income. You can even invest your savings, although it’s quite unfortunate that you can’t just save your way out of the rat race.  The reason being, the impact of inflation means that cash sitting in a bank account is actually losing value…


Lastly, it does pay to invest money wisely into legit and profitable automated systems. Such systems can be said to be the creation and application of technology that could produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention. In this modern day era with vast technological innovations, the implementation of automation technology techniques and processes improve the efficiency, reliability, and speed of many tasks that were previously performed by humans.   Intelligence Prime Capital is one of the best and automated ways to escape from the rat race. It will enable you to save and invest your money. It will enable you to make consistent profits. The IPC Genius Bot will enable you to earn substantial amount of cash daily, Monday – Friday. Intelligence Prime Capital Robot is AI Software, it trades the Forex market with precision and a high level of 97% accuracy which leads to more profits and fewer losses, unlike the huge losses that comes with manual Forex trading. The IPC bot has the track record of closing trades in profit in the course of six months of its establishment.

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