The importance of motivational and inspirational speeches cannot be underestimated; hence the teaching of Apostle Joshua Selman on the mystery of savings and investment resonates with me.  He explains that if a true Christian understands and practices the mystery behind tithing, being able to differentiate between seed and bread. Such individual shouldn’t have issues with the best and prosperous ways to save and also invest in order to make financial progress.  For the benefit of those who do not understand what tithing means.  It simply means, paying 10% of your income possibly to your local Church assembly in obedience to biblical injunction. Experience has taught me that obeying biblical financial principles generally increases the chances of wealth maximisation.  As a Christian I have realised overtime that tithing gives me continuous cashflow.  The purpose of your seed is to ensure that you’re not hungry in your tomorrow or in the evening of your life. 


On the other hand, the purpose of bread, (daily bread) is to satisfy your current needs.  If you sow your bread, it simply means that you have wasted it.  And if you eat your seed it will be disastrous as there will be no harvest at the appointed time.  There’s an adage that says, ‘what is pursuing you will determine how fast you will run’ for example, if you’re being chased by a mere Chicken, you could run carelessly.  However, if an individual is being chased by a Lion, he or she would flee with the energy of an athlete.  So if you have been unable to save adequate amount of money earlier in life and now you’re at age 40 and above, saving 20% of your income realistically on a monthly basis may not give you sustainability in the long run in life especially if you’re going to last very long on earth.  A ten years old child or a thirteen years old teenager has no issues saving 10% or 20% on a monthly basis. 


If you really want to make financial progress, you must practice the law of increase and learn to save. There are two basic reasons why we save.  No 1, for emergencies and no 2, for investments. The only way money multiplies is simply through investments. What is investment? An Acquisition of assets.  Wealthy people never take on any liability and expenditure until they can show the asset that could pay for it. They spend their lives acquiring the assets that could pay for their liabilities.  So, when you meet with a wealthy man or woman and ask him or her for financial support, he wouldn’t just give you a huge amount of money.  He would check from all his investments, which one could pay for such liability.  If there isn’t any investment that could pay for his unplanned expenses, he would patiently wait and he wouldn’t accept to go through duress.  Such is the economy of the wealthy!


The only way money grows is through investment. It is important for you to know that the law of increase cannot be overemphasised; it’s not merely the arrival of financial resources.  It pays to pray, but you must also put to work how to save adequately and God will then grant you more than enough financial resources.  Every time you spend everything you have, shows that you will weep in the future due to lack of financial resources to fall back on.  When you spend all the money that you have, it shows that you’re working towards financial crises in your future.  Practice frugality, which is simply the absence of wastage.  Justifiable expenditure, be frugal especially when you’re still rising. Some people can afford to live luxurious lifestyles, because they have built systems in place that can always replenish. So, from your starting point to achieving your financial dream you must be frugal.  


You know that you’re really making progress financially, when people underestimate your real worth….because you chose to reduce yourself many levels below your true worth.  So that you can grow as part of your sacrifice to truly get into your wealthy place in life.  One of the philosophies of wealthy people is the choice to live modest lifestyle. The day you see sensible and reasonable wealthy people behaving like millionaires, shows that they have become billionaires due to frugality. A millionaire is one who has an excellent relationship and intelligence that can maintain such level and they have put Systems and structures in place that can constantly replenish at such level.  Life could sometimes serve as a brutal teacher, it will teach you as many times you’re truly ready to learn and take positive action that could enable you to maximise wealth and have continuous cashflow. In contract, you could end up in penury if you fail to apply the mystery of savings and investment to work.


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  1. The best way to save money is by investing it. I learnt something recently, You’re not supposed to live off the money you make, but you’re to live off on the money your money made. So, side income is a must in 2022. God will help us locate the right place and soils to sow and invest.

    1. Hi Joseph, I’m glad to know that you have gained value from my blog post. Hence you have given a detailed response.
      That’s it, yes it makes sense to be able to invest wisely in a legit and profitable business.
      Thanks a bunch for your comment.
      Cheers. 🥂😎👊

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