Is today the birthday/anniversary of the company you work for, or the business you own? Did you know that as a marketer or an entrepreneur, you could be tempted to use this special day to market your products? In fact, you could crave to market better in order to convert best!  A lot of marketers will start proposing discounts, special online or offline campaigns, TV or radio promotions and other marketing plans of action.

In case You’re Unaware, Many Prospects Know You Are Trying Hard to Sell Your Product. Need I remind you that everything the user sees or interacts with in such occasion has a brand, or an ad, attached to it? Starting from your grocery stores, to your latest smart phone app, someone is striving so hard to grab your attention. So, as you try to play the “I’m discounting my products, because it’s my company’s birthday/anniversary” many prospects may respond with the following words “Yeah, right!”.

Do Not Lose Your Prospects’ Trust With A Short-Term Marketing Success Syndrome. Experience has taught me to understand that many companies or businesses try to score big on their Birthday/Anniversary, without taking into consideration, the long-term effect of their short-term marketing efforts. Always ask yourself the following question, “how will this promotion affect my long-term marketing goals?”

You Could Celebrate Your Company’s Birthday as If It’s Yours, Though! Have you come across someone who tries to sell something to their friends, family or acquaintances on his/her birthday? I’m sure what you do is, invite your loved ones and celebrate your current and past achievements and then regain mental strength from the birthday wishes. Isn’t it?

Subsequently, you will receive your birthday gifts from perhaps most of your invites. Making revenue off the people you celebrate your birthday with, is not heard of in most culture. When preparing for your company’s or business birthday, apply the same approach and your marketing efforts will not be thwarted. Such approach will bring you long-term benefits and play back by meeting your prospects high expectations.

You will realise that without a big budget during your birthday or business celebration, the more sociable and caring you are, the better results you will achieve in the long run. In most cases, it always comes to the value for the client, though.  That is, if you have to offer a great product or service, as your own boss, it is a great idea not to market your product or sell your business during such occasion. 

As an employee, you could be tempted to use such opportunity to sell your products.  Some could view this blog post as Interesting concept because they will require intense thought or would have to brainstorm behind such a move. Special anniversaries always attract attention. In fact, brilliant concept works well in the offline world to some extent, making that cross over to the online world has real potential as well.

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  1. Ngozi Stanley

    I believe that any anniversary sometime attracts or package something special to the public which may eventually yield them profit at the end. Whatever Anniversary generate at that moment of celebration is what it is, whether loss or gain that is why they make it to be attractive and special to the public and secondly making well or gain depends on how far you have been known that is your popularity. And that been said we should be aware that any anniversary celebration benefit or package is not meant for a long time it may even be for that moment.

    1. Hello Mrs Stanley, I must confess, your detailed response to my post is highly appreciated. Thanks a bunch for sharing your thoughts on this blog post. Cheers 🥂😎👊

    1. Aah! Madam Kpandeyenge, I really appreciate the compliment and your thoughts on my blog post. Above all, I appreciate your time ma’am, despite your busy schedule. Cheers 🥂😎👊

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