Hey You! Watch Your Thoughts!

Do you probably feel intimidated, jealous, frustrated etc. When perhaps a business partner is up and running to get his or her business team to a whole new level, right? If you are in such category, it will pay off if you get in touch and correct your emotions to allow you achieve your financial goals.

On a more serious note, it makes good financial sense to pay attention to your moods. The reason being, mood swings cause distractions and will deprive you from experiencing continuous cashflow as a businessperson. Negative thinking causes more damage to your mood. You might not even be fully aware you are doing it, yet it can sabotage your self-esteem and financial journey.

It might interest you to know that what we think is behind how we feel, which in turn affects how motivated we are to act. Having the right attitude is a large part of taking control of your finances. Thinking, feeling, and doing are linked in a continuous cycle. Our thoughts could lead to a display of attitude publicly and separate us from those who are meant to assist us in our journey to financial breakthrough.

Your thoughts bring about good or contrary feelings, which leads to unwholesome behaviour and it determines what we do. In the long run, it will affect how we react. It goes on and on, it is a never-ending cycle. So, control your emotions, if not well controlled it could jeopardise achieving your financial dream in life.

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