In cities and towns throughout United States Of America, United Kingdom, South Africa, West Africa, China etc. There exist thousands of slave labour camps which ought not to be under normal circumstances. Near these camps weave in and out of cities and rural communities, where there are settlements where the supposedly slaves live. Each morning, these slaves move “herd-like” from their homes and into their assigned places of labour.

Each one arrives perhaps at his or her station by 6:30 a.m. where they report to their masters for their day’s duties. Then they remain chained to certain tasks or duties until 5:00 p.m. or thereabout. When they are released, these slaves have no choice on how many hours they must labour sometimes they are required to work overtime until their master tells them when they may leave.

Year after year, they are told when to take their vacation, for how long and when they must return. They have little choice as to how much money they earn. They are allowed very little time for lunch and coffee breaks during these labour hours. They remain in their chains with great fear because the Masters can punish them with the “lay-off” whip.

It is said that even some slaves that are good and faithful have felt the sting of the whip. Day by day, year by year, they toil until the master decides that it is time for them to stop working. He then releases them to the retirement camps, where they are forced to sit idle and wait for death. It’s a well-known fact that the old slaves that try to work are sometimes whipped with the “stop-your-pension” whip.

I know these slave camps really exist, the question is, are you willing to become a free man or woman who lives among the slaves? If your response is yes! Then know for sure that it really pays to be an investor. You will be so free to decide your own hours; you can even sleep-in late while the slaves are at work. You could go on vacation when, where, and for how long you please.

In fact, you will be so free to take your tea or coffee and lunch break when you decide, and of course you can decide your own pay cheque, because you’re not under the grip of slave masters. You could choose to work when and where it pleases and with whom you please. You will be free to stay in the city for as long as you want or to move on to greener pastures in any part of the world if you decide to.

I have seen many slaves trade one master for another, thinking somehow their lives will be better off. There is a ray of hope for the slave, though. He or she can buy his or her own freedom. The cost is not high, yet it seems high to those who don’t have the courage to pay the price. What is the price? One must be willing to be one’s own master as clearly explained by Author-Chris Carley.

I’ve been listening to Zig Ziglar’s teaching, ‘See you at the top’ where he tells a few stories highlighting the keys to success and the attitude that brings about it. The key attitude is your willingness to do what many others will not do after the height of competition during the week. Zig says: “You don’t pay the price of success you enjoy the price of success!”

I will leave you with these questions by Tom Ziglar, Zig Ziglar’s son. “Are you achieving everything that you want to Be, Do and Have? Do you have a dream? Do you remember your dreams? Do you have that feeling, that knowing deep inside, that you were created for a purpose bigger than yourself”?

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